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Ankur Verma


Singapore, home to the world's tallest indoor waterfall, which pumps 10,000 gallons of water/minute.

Snyder's research facility is one of the rare places on earth which are one of the developing technologies for Singapore's water dependency on neighboring countries. The mission is to create a world-class project, which will set an example for others.
With discussion in an interview with CNN Snyder said that we have become used to as reliable water, may quickly change — so we have to be prepared, we have to be thinking about the infrastructure in advance. 
"There's a big drive to become water independent — to control our own future — and that is largely dependent on the technologies we're developing." One development: a small, black sponge called carbon fiber aerogel that the university says can clean wastewater on a mass scale. The sponge absorbs 190 times its weight in waste, contaminants, and microplastics. The material is being further developed for commercial use by a Singapore-based startup.

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Ankur Verma

Written by Ankur Verma

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