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What is Singapore's pioneering floating Solar Energy Plant ? An insight !

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 7, 2021 4:32:56 PM / by Ankur Verma

Ankur Verma

Country's National Water Agency PUB in collaboration with Sembcorp Floating Solar Singapore announced the construction of a photovoltaic (PV) system of 60 MWp on Tengeh Reservoir. 

Its again a great achievement for the country to reach a significant milestone in constructing world's biggest floating solar PV systems. It will not only promote to use green energy but also make a great future of Singapore in terms of sustainable development. 

Where its is located ?

The mega floating solar PV project is located at Tengeh Reservoir. The technology is very unique and very few countries are working towards this. This technology will integrate water treatment with green energy generation and will be sufficient to power PUB's local water treatment plants and 7% of its annual energy needs. 

Floating_PVFloating solar panels at Tengeh Reservoir, Singapore


Best in design and innovation. 

The project is becoming a good case study for scientific community who are working in to renewable energy and sustainable development innovations. Each and every component is designed perfectly after considering climate conditions to make sure it should work with its full efficiency, with the durability of at least of 25 years. 

It is been built with double glass PV modules and to improve the durability of the system, a certified food grade (HDPE) High-Density-Polyethylene is used to make this whole floating bed, The best quality of this material is that it is UV-resistance which will help and prevent it from sunlight exposure for a long period of time.   


Source: https://asian-power.com/project/news/singapores-pub-deploy-50mwp-floating-solar-pv-system-2021

To monitor the operational performance and its reliability, the digital monitoring platform is provided along with this to observe activities there are safety cameras installed. The system is fully digitalized with various dashboards, alerts to track the multiple parameters like, weather information, overheating, hazards etc. 

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Ankur Verma

Written by Ankur Verma

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