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Why Water storage tanks are the best made of Stainless steel?

Beltecno’s Stainless Steel Storage Tanks ideally designed to store liquids at a specific pressure, and atmospheric pressure. We provide both vertical and horizontal storage tanks. In addition to that sometimes customers also include heat transfer tubes (heating coil) inside the tank, which produce hot water.


The very basic point which makes steel the best-chosen one is, its durability. Water tanks made from other material than steels are liable to environmental and other risks whereas, steel is completely safe and can be in excellent condition even after a long period. 

  • Steel is a very durable material
  • Steel is always in excellent condition even after decades of usage
  • It's anti-corrosive and quake-resistant


While making a tank for storing drinking water, health and hygiene are other factors to be considered. Stainless Steel is risk-free in terms of any chances of a chemical reaction. Also, there is no risk of contamination in SS water tanks. This is one of the major reasons for using the stainless steel water tanks.

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Installation Time

Stainless steel tanks can be easily and quickly installed. The installation of a stainless-steel tank is three times faster than that of a concrete tank. The whole manufacturing process is usually done at our factory and being the best stainless steel storage tank manufacturer our tanks passed all the major quality checks before dispatch.


Though the initial cost of set-up for Beltecno SS tanks may seem higher, but in longer run it defiantly would be the cheaper solution compared to other types of water tanks because of its various features which provide durability, excellent performance and least maintenance.

An Overview of BELTECNO Stainless Steel Cylindrical Tanks

Horizontal Cylindrical Tank (SHS Type)

Compared to vertical cylindrical tanks (SVS type), horizontal cylindrical tanks require a wide installation area. The standard sizes of pipe connection ports are under 40A for sockets and others for flanges.

Vertical Cylindrical Tank (SVS Type)

Vertical type takes little space, so it suits small installation areas. The standard sizes of pipe connection ports are under 40A for sockets and others for flanges.


Examples of BELTECNO Stainless Steel Cylindrical Tanks

Vertical Hot Water Tank & HOrizontal Hot Water Tank

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